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In 2018, The Fernand Léger National Museum wished to highlight the rich thematic and visual connections between the painting of Fernand Léger and the photographic art pieces of Stéphane Couturier.

The exhibition gave rise to the creation of original photographs inspired by the museum’s collection. The master pieces of Fernand Léger as Le grand Remorqueur, Les Disques dans la ville  or Les Constructeurs were the starting point for this new serie for the photographer, called Les Nouveaux Constructeurs.

The interposed dialogue of Fernand Léger’s paintings and the contemporary photographer is based on the principle of hybridization. Both create very structured compositions, made from a superposition of almost geometrical planeson the one hand, and from the fusion of several images on the other.

Both apply a system of deconstruction of reality that culminate in a pictorial or photographic reconstruction where abstraction powerfully imposes itself, without forsaking reality, which appears in the compositions.

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